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About Crea Terra Solutions

The CREA team has a total of 15 years of experience in water management, recycled organics, biological packaging and more. We strive to provide you with effective, quality 'point source' driven product and services. Our products are well researched to act as mediative tools for the design of sustainable communities.

CREA can help you understand the benefits of natural systems over traditional chemical or pipe systems. We offer to the land owner solutions that are less costly, less likely to break down, that strengthen future resources and encourage a circular / recycle supply. We are working hard to make these systems easy to understand, practical, portable and easy to maintain.

We look forward to the opportunity of integrating our product offering, packaged solutions and innovative team of designers to the needs of your commercial, wholesale and retail sized do-it-yourself design / build project.


Water Savings is

Water Source Protection is

All about promoting the infiltration of storm water, capturing and recycling... More >>

Green Building is

Sustainable Green Building is

Is focused on promoting a green, holistic environment that naturally filters our water and air... More »

Natural Organics use

Bio-Filtration Systems use

An organic stream of plants and soil, with bacteria and natural fibers, to... More »