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Atlantis 20mm Flo-Cell

Atlantis 20mm Flo-Cell Panel - 4 Panels = m2 (10.76 ft2). Cellular flat panel, when wrapped in geotextile fabric, becomes a great drainage channel for green roof, planter box, floor, decks and walls.

Atlantis Flo-Cell is a structural cavity made of high grade recycled polypropylene for use in drainage, water proofing, ventilation, hydrostatic pressure reduction, alleviating heat induced cracking in concrete pavement or pavers. Load capacity - 90 t/m2 (128 psi)

Retail Price: $4.00

Atlantis 52 mm Flo Cell

Atlantis 52 mm Flo Cell - 8 Panels = M2 (10.76 ft2) for Permeable Pavement, Drainage, Green Walls and Heavy Duty Void Space at 75 tons / m2 load capacity.

Retail Price: $3.75

Atlantis Flo-Tank

Atlantis Flo-Tank - Wrapped in liner or geo-textile to harvest rainwater, prevent flooding, drainage, septic leach systems. Sold as 4 large plates / 5 small plates (to assemble).

The Atlantis Flo-Tank is made of high grade, recycled polypropylene. Each tank is compiled of 4 large plates and 5 small plates. It is flexible, easy to assemble, requires no heavy equipment and is unlimited in size for any subsurface water management application. It can be installed under parking lots that require H20 loads with the addition of extra small plates. 8 tanks = M3

Retail Price: $42.00

Gro-Wall 3 Plant Module

Gro-Wall Module comes as a wall structure that holds 3 heavy duty soil pots. Perfect for a herb garden in your kitchen or as a "living" feature on your interior wall or deck.

Retail Price: $39.00

Gro-Wall Kit

Vertical Garden Soil Based Structure. The Full Kit Includes 6 modules, holds 18 plants. The Home Kit 3 modules, holds 9 plants. Promotion Now on! Price is staged according to volume. Call now to learn more.

The Atlantis Gro-Wall System is constructed of high grade recycled polypropylene plastic (pp). This modular based system has been constructed with an integrated frame work for easy vertical and horizontal expansion. It has been designed with a concealed irrigation channel for drip lines to be pulled through for individual plant watering.

Full Kit Retail Price: $199.00 / Home Kit Retail Price - $99.00

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