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"Supporting Holistic, Green Design that Advances the Sustainable Growth and Health of Urban and Rural Communities"

Crea Terra Solutions is a supplier of environmental products and services that support green, ecologically-based, LEED Driven Design.

  • Green Building Design – Green Walls, Green Roofs
  • Greywater Recycling, Rainwater Harvesting
  • Storm Water Management, Flood Prevention
  • BMP Stormwater Treatment / Bio-Based Filtration
  • Alternative Energy, Enhanced Energy Planning
  • Interior / Exterior Structures – Nature Based Art
  • Urban Food Source Solutions and more...

Water Savings is

Water Source Protection is

All about promoting the infiltration of storm water, capturing and recycling... More >>

Green Building is

Sustainable Green Building is

Is focused on promoting a green, holistic environment that naturally filters our water and air... More »

Natural Organics use

Bio-Filtration Systems use

An organic stream of plants and soil, with bacteria and natural fibers, to... More »